Mom's Story

Heidy Martinez

My mom comes from a small town in Mexico, Veracruz. She learned to make bread with her dad who had his own shop selling pan. He had the best pan in town, everyone would visit for the amazing taste. My mom learned all of his techniques and recipes. She spent her time working for him as a baker. But as she got older my dad & her decided to move to the US and restart with a new life. That year she arrived to the USA is where I was born. My amazing dad worked very hard for our family his whole life & did all he can to provide the best for us. My mom did what she could to help start a savings to eventually buy & own a home. She started to work many different jobs to try and make this goal come true. Years later to today, we are not much closer to that goal. The pandemic had caused the worst year in my family’s life. My family and I lost my dad. It affected my mom’s motivation to do anything including work. Time heals, and my mom slowly saw that. I still never will accept it but I knew I had to help my mom however I can. I knew she wanted to do more with her love for baking. The dream to own a bakery of her own. I wanted to help her have a job she can enjoy and one she has dreamt of and that is why this online bakery exists now. A shop where anyone from the USA can order pan, baked by my mom and have it shipped straight to them. Every last penny a sale makes is for my mom and always will be <3

Pan Dulce